Expenses Protocol

There are certain claims which may legitimately made on Girlguiding funds. Certainly Leaders and helpers should not find that Guiding leaves them out of pocket. Equally, there are certain expenses which one might expect to incur – such as travel to your Unit meeting place – as a volunteer for Girlguiding.

What constitutes a legitimate claim?

  • Items bought for Girlguiding activities (for example, craft materials, refreshments, tents….)
  • Travel expenses (for travel over and above attendance at Unit meetings)
  • Postage and packing
  • Other extraordinary expenses (as agreed, in advance if at all possible, with the relevant fund holder)

Who pays expenses?

  • Expenses can be paid at Unit, District, County or Event Level, as appropriate. For example:
  • Ø Felt tips and paper plates for a craft activity at a meeting of 1st Anytown Rainbows: paid from the 1st Anytown Rainbow Unit funds.
  • Ø Mileage for a shopping trip to buy stores for the 2nd Somewhere Unit camp: paid for from the camp fund.
  • Ø Materials for building cupboards in the District Headquarters, which is shared by all Units: from District funds OR from Unit funds, equally shared, as agreed beforehand.
  • If it is not immediately clear from which source expenses will be paid, ask. This may mean checking with more than one level: for example, if a District Commissioner says, “Oh, County will pay that,” check with the County Commissioner too.

How do you put in a claim?

  • It is best practice to find out before buying whether your payment source has the money to reimburse you! Expenses claims should not come as a shock to the payment source/treasurer.
  • If there is an official form (as there is at County level) then claims should be made on that.
  • All claims other than mileage must be supported by receipts. If a receipt is in Greek or does not give sufficient detail, please write on the back what payment it is recording.
  • Mileage claims should be detailed, with each journey recorded separately; for example: Oroklini to Pareklissa return (2 x 70k = 140km) rather than Various journeys in support of Brownie Pack Holiday.


When should a claim be made?
As soon as possible after the money has been spent. If the claim is for expenses incurred as part of an event, this should of course be before the event account is wound up.


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