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What is the Trefoil Guild?? …… please read on………… 

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 An organisation linked to and supporting Guiding worldwide.  Membership is over 20,000 members in the UK – mostly made up of women and men who have been and still are connected with Guiding and Scouts

Pioneering ahead, a group of six enthusiastic ladies met on 25 June with the aim of starting a Cyprus County Trefoil Guild Group to support British Guiding in Cyprus.

The Guild’s aim is foremost to offer support and practical help to the British Guiding Units on the Island by fund raising, testing for badges and helping with special project work, assisting at Unit Meetings when required and to carry the spirit and message of Guiding into the communities where we live. Guild Members are serious about providing this support to the Units and also serious about having fun and  enjoying a good social life whilst doing so.   This is one aim the Group certainly intends to achieve!!

We now need new Members to join our ‘six’ SO PLEASE come and join us.  Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has been or still is a member of Girlguiding UK and if you enjoyed the camaraderie, meeting friends with a similar outlook you will find the Trefoil Guild the place to be!!       Even if you have never been involved in Guiding but  like the idea of learning something new, travelling, meeting new people or getting involved in local Guiding projects, then you will find the Trefoil Guild is the place to be.    A warm welcome awaits anyone who subscribes to our aims and principles.

The Cyprus County Trefoil Guild  (our registered name) is only a couple of weeks old but the Trefoil Guild first started in 1920 in the UK when Ex-Guides began to form unofficial groups with the purpose of maintaining contact with their old guide companies.  In 1935 an organisation named “Old Guides” was formed, then in 1947 The Girl Guides Association amalgamated the various groups of ‘Old Guides’ and the name ‘The Trefoil Guild’ was adopted and Trefoil Guilds first registered.

The Trefoil Guild has its own quarterly Handbook and Members are proud to wear a modern red or cream polo shirt uniform.

The Guild plan to hold their first ‘official’ meeting on Saturday 1 October and the venue will be  based upon the general location of those interested.  We look forward to meeting you and a  warm welcome is assured.  

Are you are interested after reading the above?  would like to find out more about joining the Cyprus County Trefoil Guild ?, then please contact our Secretary, Gwyneth Green on 26 939411 or 96395297 for a chat or e-mail on:    For further information about the Trefoil Guild UK, please have a  look at their official web site on:

The Trefoil Guild says:   ‘Getting Involved and Making a Difference


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  1. suzefisher says:

    Hi, It was great to meet Michele, Linda and Lorna at the Happy Valley show a couple of weeks ago.
    It would be great to join your Trefoil Guild facebook page. Thanks. Susan Craven. Musical ‘Folk’ Trefoil Guild, Newcastle, Uk

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