Minutes 1/10/2011

Minutes – Cyprus County Trefoil Guild

  1. Welcome 2 new members Marion & Linda, arrangements made for registration forms to be completed.
  2. 2.    Gill Boughton briefed new members about the Trefoil Guild
  3. 3.    Review Minutes from last meeting


  • Registration form has been mislaid at Trefoil Guild HQ – Copy send .. Sue Dickenson who is the co-ordinator at UK HQ would like to visit us when she is on the island for a holiday in March 2012
  • Treasurer needed
  • Uniform, membership cards and badges were discussed
  • Table Runner was presented by Gwyneth and ideas were discussed for embellishing by all new members as they make /renew their promise in The Trefoil Guild. Embellishment to be no bigger than 4×4″ and include the members name & date of Promise. Examples suggested include embroidery, cross stitch, fabric pens.
  • It was agreed that a ceremony will be arranged to renew promise.

Spreading the word – Articles written and distributed by Michelle has appeared in quite a few of Paphos magazines etc.  Ideas for further spreading the word discussed including a business card/ leaflet for all brownie / guide parents and for members to give to interested people they meet / post on notice boards etc.

  • Email address set up.

Face book page to be set up carried forward. It was suggested that a mini website or blog is set up to record activities email address for the guild and also a face book page.

  1. 4.    Any other Business


  • Cost of Census
  • Paphos Brownie & Guide Fair
  • Charity


  1. 5.    Activity

Every body made a bead friendship pin with a trefoil emblem on it.

  1. 6.    Next Meeting

It was agreed to meet monthly on the first Saturday in the month at 11am. Venue for the 5th November to be arranged ( depending on new members)

  • Activity based on making items to sell at Paphos Guide & Brownie Fair details to be finalised with venue.

It was suggested that we all bring a list of ideas of activities for future meetings so we can draw up a Calendar for 2012


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